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Sign Lighting

 Our sign lights are rotary molded, they do not suffer from corrosion on the joints in the same manner as normal sign lights, which means that they can also be easily removed from the post for recycling at the end of their life. 

Single - 76mm / 89mm

Double - 76mm / 89mm

Half - 76mm



  • developed with the environment and the customer in mind.

  • rotary moulded from recycled plastic, which can also be fully recycled at the end of its extremely long life, making our Aries sign lighting a truly green solution

  • Due to the nature of the construction of our sign lights, they far exceed the IK10 specifications, making them vandal proof and perfect for coastal deployment.

  •  being rotary moulded means the sign lights do not require powder coating, which ensures our Aries sign lights will maintain their appearance throughout it’s lifetime. This also enables us to minimise the cost of manufacturing our sign lights, making them extremely attractive commercially.


1.       Solar PV cells 36 – 2.6W / 125x125mm / Relative efficiency at low light 97.3% / Si Polycrystalline. Producing 93.6w / 0.4% annual degradation

2.       Solar Charge Controller – MPPT/ 99% efficiency

3.       Battery Storage – 192Ah of useable energy / 95% Round Trip Efficiency / li-ion / 1% annual degradation.

4.       Luminaire – Rotary Moulded 12v, producing 183 lumens per watt.(Total Lumen 2200)

Luminaire Photometric Test Report

Luminaire Photometric Test Report
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