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Control Management 

Our ultra-low power, smart street lighting control management solution, combines with a high-performance radio and microcontroller to offer a reliable, secure and scalable solution, for complete monitoring of your street lighting and smart city assets.

Night Lights


Control and Management Systems (CMS) software provides the operator with an efficient web-accessed control of the light fixture’s operation. 


Financial Report

Features  for controlling and monitoring street lighting:

  • Web-based central management system

  • Secure access and communication


  • Automatic self-healing functionality for business continuity

  • Simple report generation

  • Remote control of individual luminaire and groups of luminaires


  • Pre-programmed schedules for routine and real time management for special conditions

  • Pro-active maintenance support

  • Full ‘Over-the-Air’ firmware upgrade capability

The Technical

Our solution is based on a mesh networking architecture, operating at sub gigahertz frequencies, for inbuilt robustness and conferring the following technical advantages: 


1. One-hop low-latency local multicast, for dynamic sensor-based dimming (based on motion). 

2. AFA (Adaptive Frequency Agility) – increases the TX duty-cycle from 1% to nearly 40% for a massive increase in mesh throughput. This is particularly valuable for operations in EU.

3. Distributed “Virtual Real Time Clock”. Allows the time base in the router to be shared with all the nodes. This results in a mesh wide common time base with a 40ms accuracy. The feature is used instead of a GPS module in each luminaire. It also ensures completely simultaneous lights on/off. 

4. SLIP interface on the router for an architectural clean interface to the Linux host in the gateway. 

5. TSCH (Time Synchronized Channel Hopping) resulting in unprecedented reliability.
6. Inclusive software development kit (SDK) which allows our customers to develop their own smart city applications and sensors, which can be used alongside the smart lighting controls. 


Our smart lighting controls have been designed specifically for off-grid deployment and are agnostic to Control and Management Systems (CMS).   

This means our street lighting control is interoperable with a wide range of CMS software platforms, ensuring the system is future proofed and eliminating any issues around vendor lock-in.

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