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KV5 - Multi-Point Sign Lighting Solution

Designed as a standalone DC, off-grid, hybrid solar PV and wind, multi-point sign lighting solution, with integrated charge controller and backup battery storage.



  • Renewable energy provision for multiple sign lights

  • Rotary molded LED Lantern & solar holder, made from recycled plastic and fully recyclable

  • Vandal resistant solar holder and LED lantern, exceeding IK10++ specification

  • Patented solar holder design to capture maximum available solar radiation

  • Self-cleaning solar holders

  • No maintenance

  • Smart solutions can detect when cloud cover requires sign lighting to switch on without disruption to normal night-time programming

  • Highly dependable solution with supplied 3-day battery backup, as standard

  • Optional rapid installation using ground screw

  • standalone off-grid platform, powering a range of LoRaWAN and proprietary gateways, to enable smart sensor-based solutions. Our off-grid solution utilises hybrid solar PV, Wind Turbine, solar charge controller and battery storage.


1.       Solar PV cells 36 – 2.6W / 125x125mm / Relative efficiency at low light 97.3% / Si Polycrystalline. Producing 93.6w / 0.4% annual degradation

2.       Solar Charge Controller – MPPT/ 99% efficiency

3.       Battery Storage – 192Ah of useable energy / 95% Round Trip Efficiency / li-ion / 1% annual degradation.

4.       Sign Lights - New Aries or Retrofit 12v, 3W sign lights, producing 183 lumens per watt

Die Cast aluminium
Ingress Protection: IP 67
Impact rating: IK10
Weight: 1.5kg
Wind factor: 0.026

Lifespan characteristics:

LM80/TM21 data:
L90: 102,000 HRS
L80: 114,000 HRS
L70: 120,000 HRS
Failure rate:
B10: 110,000 HRS

LED data:

LED model: LUMILEDS LuxeOn REBEL 5050
CRI: 80+
CRI shift over life: 3%




CE certification
ROHS certification

Luminaire Photometric Test Report

Luminaire Photometric Test Report
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